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Caroline Criado-Perez

Last summer I was the target of months of violent, misogynistic abuse. The abuse was widely reported, although the worst tweets (most of the tweets), were never broadcast or printed, because the media deemed them too offensive. This left me in the rather unfortunate position of not only being driven to the edge of a nervous breakdown from the fear and strain of hundreds of tweets  coming in every minute telling me I would be maimed, raped and killed, but also being targeted by people who thought I was being a delicate flower and couldn’t take a bit of off-colour banter, or “dissenting opinion”. Nevertheless, the media pressure was such, that twitter was reluctantly, eventually forced to act. They streamlined their reporting process by including a link on each tweet to report it for abuse, and automatically included the link for that tweet in the report form. For someone who was…

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Hello, My name is Douglas and I’m searching for a job

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I have been employed for Marriott Hotels for the last 6 years, in their Global Reservations Sales and Customer Care Centre, located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Last week I received a letter stating that my position and all positions in the centre are being eliminated effective mid-February.

This means I have 5 and a half months to find a new job. In my current job, I have worked formally in 2 separate departments, being trained and certified in the Ritz Carlton Gold Standard of Service; and learning the process of inventory management and wholesaler reservations, dealing with travel companies on behalf of a selection of Marriott hotels.

When asked to transition to a new role to help another associate, I rose to the challenge of becoming proficient in a third department, one of direct support to our sales agents, while striving to keep up on my previous knowledge and training. I knew I had succeeded when sales associates complimented me on my job, both in the doing and after I returned to my previous position.

During the past few years, I have also focused on my personal development. I have had an long-time interest in photography, which has resulted in the increased dreams of building my photography as a business. My manager at Marriott has encouraged me in this development. She trusted me to be the photographer for a charity event sponsored by the centre.

I have also been entrusted to be the photographer at work functions, like our annual year end party and taking the new hire portraits for our staff photo wall. My passion for photography has grown due to opportunity I have had because of the encouragement of my manager.

I seek an new job that utilizes my developed skills of lateral thinking, creativity and problem solving. I have compassion and empathy for my co-workers. I want to help them succeed. I seek a job that gives me the opportunity to support others in their success.

Do you know of jobs like I seek? Do you have job search techniques to share?

The Pursuit of Success

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I’m Douglas Mullin. I’m a photographer. I’m a writer. I’m a politician. Granted I’m not at the place in my development for any of these professions to say I’m making incomes from them. Photography is the furthest along the path.

But as a sense of identity, these are the professions I find my worth, my satisfaction. I am not the person who works in hospitality to pay the bills. I am not the person who has built a career in customer service, though I do see that I am a better person for working in hospitality and customer service.

My success in photography, writing or politics will come as I learn to help others. This I can see clearly. My success will be built, when those around me are successful. I see my role in life as one of encouragement of others to move forward, building their own lives.

Success will not be measured by income. Success will not be measured by fame. Success will be measured by the people I help, the people I serve.

Will you join me in this pursuit of success?

I. We. Are. Sorry.

I was watching TV, and flipped to CNN. Doing this made me aware of the sermon by Charles Worley of Maiden, North Carolina calling on his congregation to not vote for a “baby killer and a homosexual lover.” This was followed by a plan to eliminate homosexual people by segregating male and female behind an electrified fence. He said “feed ‘em, and you know what? In a few years, they’ll die. Do you know why? They can’t reproduce.” Check out a news story about the situation here and an unofficial site using the pastor’s namehere (be careful with clicking links on this site).

Argh!! This annoys me a whole bunch, and on many levels. First, as a Bachelor of Arts graduate with a major in human rights, this pastor has advocated a policy of genocide. Argh!!. Second, as a former pastor, he has made the pulpit a pulpit of hate. Argh!! Third, as a Christian, this pastor is giving the rest of us a bad name.

For me, being a Christian means showing grace and mercy to those around me. I expect the same to be shown to me. So I have put this to practice in my life. I don’t purport to understand why someone is homosexual, in the same way I don’t purport to be perfect. I am a man of imperfection, and I have learned that homosexuals can be more perfect than I am. I’ll leaving the judgement of our imperfection to the maker of the universe.

For me, in the meantime, my job is to love people, for who they are, extending grace and mercy even to those perspective I don’t understand. I think I understand Charles Worley’s perspective of a literal interpretation of Scripture, calling homosexuality a sin. I once believed the literal interpretation of Scripture. It may be that this is correct, but from the Old Testament law that advocated stoning homosexuals to the New Testament maxim to love your neighbour as yourself, I see a change in attitude.

A pastor/writer I respect has posted a call to Charles Worley to repent of his words of hatred and cruelty. I agree with Eugene Cho when he says I. We. Are. Sorry.

#theconversation @ashleyjudd

Last evening I have read a wonderful piece of writing by Ashley Judd. Check out the article at the Daily Beast here. Her piece decries the “reduction of personhood to simple physical objectification.” She continues “Our voices, our personhood, our potential, and our accomplishments are regularly minimized and muted.”

Let me first say to all the women I have ever met, I am sorry if I have done this. I try to value your personhood. Please call me out if I fail. I want to try harder.

Judd calls our society, our culture out over patriarchy. She says “Patriarchy is not men. Patriarchy is a system in which both women and men participate. It privileges, inter alia, the interests of boys and men over the bodily integrity, autonomy, and dignity of girls and women.”

This reminds me of the Scripture in Galatians 3:28: There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.

I read this Scripture and interpret this to mean that there is equality in Christ Jesus. If Jesus accepts gender equality and racial equality, then who are we to judge based on the color of one’s skin; who are we to diminish the accomplishments of women. When we do these things, we diminish ourselves, as men and women, as humanity.

Judd asks us to “Join in—and help change—the Conversation”

Will you join in? What are ways you are changing? 

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Pride (In The Name of Love)

At the time of this post, 44 years ago, there was a gunshot. The victim was civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. This assassination of a great man, dedicated non-violent activist and advocate for justice and equality affected a nation, the world as well.

Martin Luther King, Jr

By 7:05pm Memphis time, the great Martin Luther King Jr. was pronounced dead. Rest eternal grant to him, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him. Amen!

What famous personality inspires you?

(Source material referenced for detail is http://history1900s.about.com/cs/martinlutherking/a/mlkassass.htm and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_Rest_(Prayer))

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Why #Kony2012 Matters

The awareness campaign by the organization, Invisible Children, known as KONY 2012, has been everywhere. Celebrities tweeting about it, ordinary joes and janes discussing the merits of the viral video associated to the campaign. If you have been in a bubble, avoiding the media, search it out to see what I mean.

I am not here to argue about the video. In fact, I haven’t seen and probably won’t. The reason I’m not watching the video is that I have been aware of Joseph Kony and his despicable organization, the Lord’s Resistance Army since the mid 1990s when I lived in Kenya, having also visited southern Uganda during that year in Africa.

I considered my options to visit the Sudanese refugee camps in Gulu, the heart of rebel-held territory. I had friends travel there on Christian mission purposes and had I travelled with them that would have been my intent.

Returning to 2012, I probably would not have weighed in on the campaign had I not read Amy Courts’ take on the situation. Read it here.

Reasons I believe KONY 2012 matters

1. Joseph Kony is a very bad man. He needs to be captured and brought before the International Criminal Court. Read the arrest warrant here. I’m not an expert on the subject of capturing criminals, so I won’t venture to suggest how its needs to be done.

2. Child soldiers, past and present, need help and assistance. Check out War Child to learn more. Children should not be used as instruments of war. They should be allowed to be children, able to play and learn freely.

3. People are talking about it. For better or worse, North Americans are talking about the issues raised by the KONY 2012 video. If 1 in 10 YouTube viewers takes the time to research the issue beyond watching the video, that would be more than 8 million who have equipped themselves with the knowledge to take action.

My request is that you don’t attack friends and colleagues for their participation or even lack thereof. We also have our own ways of participating in action and advocacy, created by awareness of situations like this.

Awareness is simply awareness. Awareness dictates some form of action. If action for you means supporting Invisible Children, then do it. If it means finding another organization to support, then do it. If it means going to Northern Uganda to work with the former child soldiers, then do it. If awareness of this situation drives you to action for another cause, then do it.

What are some ways you’re participating to make the world a better place?

Child Sponsorship

Today I am going talk about children in poverty. Really now? Why children in poverty? Well, poverty afflicts the majority of our world. And I am part of the rich Western world. I haven’t understood poverty serving the homeless in Fredericton. I haven’t understood poverty like the children who are part of Compassion International’s sponsorship program. I have seen poverty and wish I could do more to alleviate the poverty in this world.Meet Benjamin from Guatemala, who has been waiting for a sponsor for 188 days. Click his photo to get to know him more and to select him

The program is a church based program, where Compassion partners with local churches to bring benefits to their communities. Compassion sponsorship funds educational opportunities, health care and health related instruction and life-skills training.

Children in the program wait for sponsors to choose them. Being a sponsor means writing to the child you sponsor. It allows you a chance to get to know someone who understands poverty in ways you might not understand, save through the opportunity you take through child sponsorship.

And some children wait for more than six months or more. Check out Comapssion’s waiting children by clicking here (this is a link to the American site). If you want the Canadian version, click here.

Don’t feel obligated to choose a child through Compassion, because I highlighted Compassion. There are many sponsorship programs, like

Christian Children’s Fund of CanadaWorld VisionChild Care Plus to name a few off the top of my head.

Do you sponsor a child? If so, what was your criteria for choosing a child? Most needy or interest in country, other reason?

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40 Days of Lent

For my Lenten Journey, I’ve decided that it is time to focus on my discipline of blogging everyday. To this end, I will be sacrificing my early morning sleep. My alarm is set for 5am and my plan is to blog on the Justice Journey (religious), Han Kyoul’s Musings (personal), and seek to develop a new blog based on my politics (link not set up).

The second aspect of my Lenten discipline to give up the unnecessary purchases of beverages. I’m thinking in particular individual serve drinks like Pepsi and Coke. I aim to drink more water. I am not limiting my coffee or tea, but will minimize my sugar and cream, and try to keep it to organic, Fair Trade products if possible. This aspect is inspired by 40 Days of Water, from Blood Water Mission.

When We Stand Together

One more depending on a prayer
And we all look away
People pretending everywhere
It’s just another day

There’s bullets flying through the air
And they still carry on
We watch it happen over there
And then just turn it off

Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
We must stand together
Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
There’s no giving in
Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
Hand in hand forever
Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
That’s when we all win
Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
That’s, that’s, that’s when we all win
That’s, that’s, that’s when we all win

They tell us everything’s all right
And we just go along
How can we fall asleep at night
When something’s clearly wrong
When we could feed a starving world
With what we throw away
But all we serve are empty words
That always taste the same

Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
We must stand together

Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
There’s no giving in
Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
Hand in hand forever
Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
That’s when we all win
Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
That’s, that’s, that’s when we all win
Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
That’s, that’s, that’s when we all win

The right thing to guide us
Is right here inside us
No one can divide us
When the light is nearly gone

But just like a heartbeat
The drum beat carries on
And the drum beat carries on
Just like a heartbeat

Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
We must stand together
Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
There’s no giving in
Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
Hand in hand forever
Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
That’s when we all win
Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
That’s, that’s, that’s when we all win
That’s, that’s, that’s when we all win

I honestly can’t believe I like a song by Nickelback, but here it is. It is a phenomenal song presenting a tremendous message. [ From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/n/nickelback-lyrics/when-we-stand-together-lyrics.html ]