with all of the work, and determination going on, we will be able to go this additional distance and achieve the ideal, the goal of the new age, the age of social justice. Martin Luther King Jr, in a speech at Western Michigan University December 18, 1963

It is still arriving and is already here. The age of social justice. It is a reflection of the Kingdom of God, like Jesus proclaimed “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

however, like any newly arriving Kingdom, the remnants of the old kingdom still remain. it is the job of the Christ followers to root out the old. this means proclaiming justice from the rooftops, doing justice in the streets and back-alleys, living justice in our churches, our jobs, our ordinary lives. we are called to Be Like Mike, no, no I mean the Christ. What did the Christ do as he lived here on earth? he challenged the religiousity of the day, and touched the lepers, talked to the Samaritan woman, healed on the Sabbath, paid his taxes. He did not need to do any of this, but he did. And he is our example.

Are we conscious consumers? or do we simply satisfy our wanton desires? Do we consider the well-being of others as we consider our plans for our lives?