my first post was destroyed by my own stupidity.

a clipping from the first post:

Three Australian men are taking a 2000 KM walk from Cairns to Stanthorpe… In American terms, it would be like walking from Nashville, TN to Augusta, ME, traveling through 11 states. In Canadian terms, it would be like walking from Toronto to Winnipeg or Calgary to Thunder Bay, about a third of the distance across North America. Any way you slice it, it is a long walk..

Hey, would you walk 2000 KM? For most of us, it’s hard to walk 2 KM, let alone 2000. But that’s exactly what Dave, Carnsey and Sav are doing. And it’s not just for their health, it’s for a cause. The cause: to raise awareness of the 2000 languages that have no translation of Christian Scripture. The walk is sponsored and partnered with Operation Mobilisation (OM) and Wycliffe Bible Translators.

OM works “in over 110 countries and in all sorts of ministries, from AIDS work and orphan care to street evangelism and reaching out to other faiths.” WBT’s volunteers are “doing what they can to help local communities to translate, to read, and to hear and understand the Bible in their own heart language.”

The 2000 Walk is a labour of love and a brilliant expression of faith and justice in action. It brought back memories of my Bible College days and my calling to help promote the cause of global mission.

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