“I lived in Kenya in 1995. Today I like to think I have a different mindset because of that year. But most of my activities have proven that thinking is not doing. It is a great challenge for us, living in the rich Western world. When we are confronted with extreme poverty, we are shocked and appalled, then go back to our same old same old life.”

So I said in a comment on But Was It Life-Changing? | Lindsey Nobles, a blogger I have been reading for the past few months. Lindsey has just returned from Guatemala, on a short-term mission with Compassion. I really appreciate what she is saying in her post. and I really appreciate her previous post Reconciling the Disparity | Lindsey Nobles. Through words and images, Lindsey challenges us to make a difference in the lives of those with so much less than those lifestyles of the the rich and famous. The poor in the West are still richer than most of the world.

Recently, I heard a segment on the local Christian radio station, JoyFM, that stated that if the world were a village of 100, the 5 richest people would live in North America. Here’s a site that breaks it out. Amazing thought! If we, North Americans, have so much, then why is it so hard to share a little of what we have.

I have no easy answers to the questions swirling around this post. But I do know that I have to put what I say I believe into action. And I challenge each one that reads this to get involved in helping the poor of our global village. Use your unique talents and abilities to do something. Every little action counts.