The 2000 Walk

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The walk continues and has crossed the halfway point, with 834 km left to the destination of Stanthorpe, Australia. This walk is raising awareness among Australians of the remaining 2000 language groups that do no have any translation of the Christian Scriptures.

Not everyone has the ability to pick up everything and walk halfway across their country, but everyone can do something. Some suggestions from the 2000 Walk website:

            Here are some practical ways that you can get involved in bringing the Bible to the remaining 2000 language groups:

            1.    Adopt a Bible-less people group.
            A whole group of people, speaking a different language – where to start with a Bible translation project? Well, you can choose a language group somewhere in the world and start to pray for them. But don’t stop. Keep praying for them for a month, a year, 5 years, 10 years – as long as it takes! You could well be the ONLY person in the world praying for that language group. Then one day, as a result of your prayers, God will raise up someone to live with those people, learn their language and translate the Bible. YOU will have been the beginning of it all! You can adopt a Bible-less people group individually, as a family, as a group, or as a church. For more information contact

            2.    Donate.
            You can choose to donate to any of the 2000 Bible-less language groups. Please check back soon for details or contact

            3.    The next step.
            For a taste of cross-cultural translation work, you can join a group of others for a weekend and learn what’s involved. Learn about stepping into another culture, learning new languages and translating the Bible. It’s a guaranteed eye-opener! These weekends are for both the young and not-so-young, and are available in a town near you. If you think this could be your next step, contact

My final thought for the update (click the link for the walkers thoughts):

If you’d just walked 1000km, how would you celebrate?