Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.
~ Vincent van Gogh

It’s always cool when you find an organization merging two things you have a passion for: coffee and humanitarian effort. This is what Global Benefit does.

The official stated work of Global Benefit is they are an “organization that works to reverse the ravaging effect of extreme poverty.” They seek to accomplish this through practical projects like building new well in areas without clean water.

Global Benefit has three foci of engagement:

1.We engage campuses, clubs and churches with campaigns and events that create advocacy and fundraising.

2. We engage audiences at concerts, festivals, and stadium events giving them simple, effective ways to respond to a call for action.

3. We partner with corporations and businesses to link products to the cause giving the customer the power of product choice in purchasing that product.

I love the work that Global Benefit aspires to achieve. They have been active in building and maintaining wells in sub-Saharan Africa. They are a coffee roaster and seller. They are putting their faith in action.

You can put your faith to work as well. You can change the coffee you drink. You can buy Global Benefit’s “Coffee with a Cause.” This purchase will benefit the communities that Global Benefit has partnered with.

Global Benefit Coffee Company exists to create markets for poor coffee farmers with the hopes of helping them get out of extreme poverty.  This is important, especially seeing that among American coffee drinkers, the average consumption is 3.1 cups per day ( Making the switch to Global Benefit means that you will be purchasing a Fair Trade, organic coffee.

I have not had the fortune to taste the products from Global Benefit myself, but I have made the switch to Fair Trade coffee. I believe that purchasing Fair Trade even occasionally will make a big difference in the lives of the coffee growing communities. And I promote Global Benefit because I believe in the organization, not for any return I might receive. (For disclosure, I do not receive any benefit from promoting Global Benefit. In fact, I have not met the folks of Global Benefit, though someday, I hope to meet the team and be involved in their work.)

And I would encourage you to think about where you buy your Fair Trade coffee. If you can buy it locally, then do it. If you have another organization whose vision you believe in, buy it from them. If you have nothing locally or come to believe in the vision and work of Global Benefit, then please support them by going to the Global Benefit Coffee Company and buying some coffee.