Sunday Shoutouts is where I highlights posts that I have read this week, posts that impacted me in some way, posts that have provoked me to think, posted that prompted action from me.

Gabe Taviano’s Digital Disciples asks Are you a digital disciple? I was featured this week. Thanks, Gabe!!

Rachel Held Evans had a guest post. Her guest, Alise Wright talks about treating atheists as people and her experience in dealing with her husband’s deconversion from a Christian faith.

A Deeper Story with a post on the Rob Bell controversy: Is hell real and does it matter? I don’t know the answer.

Keri Welch of Pop Parables talked about the honor code at BYU. Should a top team dismiss a top player for reporting himself as breaking one of the rules of the university?

and lastly (but not least), Jamie the Very Worst Missionary posted an appeal for financial support of the mission she and her family are embarked upon.