Hi friend. Have you been wondering where I’ve been? I know I have been wondering about my online presence lately, in particular the Justice Journey. I’ll pull out my introvert card and say that case closed, but I’m not happy to leave it at that.

Last week, I left Fredericton for a few days of family time. I am still single, but with my parents and sisters all living in different communities, it is hard to get us all together at once. It’s even harder to get everyone together for an activity. And that happened last week.

My sister and her “almost” 3 year old daughter took a short vacation from their island in the Bay of Fundy. They live in Grand Manan, which is accessible by ferry only. They came home to Miramichi to visit and I was voluntold to visit. Not that I needed the voluntelling. I just need to know when and I am up for it. I don’t my sister and niece very often, so to see them was a treat.

My dad is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. So any chance I can use to drive 2 hours north of Fredericton to visit, I try to do it. It’s not as often as I would like, as a full-time job that I like (most of the time) is hard to come by in Miramichi. I have been trying to get over at least once a month to see dad, if only for a few minutes visit.

So my day’s off were out of my normal routine and then back to work. Work has been steady and increasingly so. So Monday, I took a trip to Moncton with a friend, met up with a another friend and enjoyed the Sarah McLachlan concert. It was a last minute decision. I couldn’t justify why I should go. I really like her music but the cost of a trip and ticket wasn’t what I wanted to spend money on. I justified it as a friendship thing, and the meeting up with the friend in Moncton was unexpected. So friendship trumped the day.

I was also reminded of Sarah’s philantrophy while at the concert. She actively supports World Vision, an organization I am growing to appreciate more and more. I’m preparing to read The Hole In Our Gospel by Richard Stearns, CEO of World Vision. So the reminder was welcome to hear Sarah and her bandmate, Melissa McClellan talk briefly about child sponsorship. Interesting aside, I have visited a World Vision project in Kenya. At the time, I wasn’t in tune with understanding World Vision, so I never took the time to learn about the project I visited. My bad.

And so I conclude my post by mentioning that Tuesday, Mar 22 was World Water Day. Hopefully you can support an organization that provides water to those without. Global Benefit and Blood Water Mission are 2 of the many organizations you could help.

Disclosure: The link for the book by Richard Stearns is a Kobo (e-book) affiliate link. By choosing to buy through this link, you are supporting the ongoing work of the Justice Journey.