I loved the experience of doing Five Minute Friday last week that I decided to come back this week. This week’s theme is “If you met me…” The idea is to write for five minutes, without stopping or going back to edit.

Thank you, Lisa-Jo, for including me in the draw last week. I was so surprised when I checked today’s post and saw my name.


If you met me, what would you think?

Would you think me shy? Reserved? Overly quiet?

Probably, or at the very least, until I got to know you better. I’m like that at times. But other times I can‘t shut up. Ask me about my passions: coffee, politics or religion. My friends say I talk too much about these. And very predictable to imitate.

Really I tend to agree. I like to keep things simple and trying to be as real and authentic as possible, both online and off.

But I am more than what people see. I simply don’t let enough people in to see the deepest part of me.


If you’re religiously minded and believe in the prayer of prayer, would you mind doing me a favour? My favour to ask of you is to say a little prayer on behalf of myself and my family. We are dealing with the pain of dealing with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Peace and serenity is what I ask for.  When you are done praying, make sure you spend some time with a family member or close friend, whether you are physically together or talking on the phone, Skype or other communication tools. Just do it for me (and yourself too).