I’m doing Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday. She gives a prompt and then you write for Five Minutes, unfiltered and unedited. Gather your thoughts first (or not). Join me for five minutes on Deep Breath.

Heaven and hell
Rob Bell
Deep breath…
Rice and beans challenge
Riverwood Community Church, Winnepeg
Awareness of hunger and poverty in the world
Deep breath…
2/3 of NBers have low literacy levels
Something I learned as political candidate
Amazing stat, amazing more still that the government has known for 15 years
Deep breath…
Moving, not moving, landlord selling
It’s the least of my worries, and yet it occupies
More time than my activities to make a difference in the bigger issues.
For the least of these my children, Jesus said.
Soup kitchen on Saturday, it’s a small way.
Deep breath…
God is in control. No need to worry! Time to let him be in control.


PS I did minor edits to correct the auto-spell. Hell for he’ll. And Riverwood for Riversood, accuracy not so auto-spell.

Rob Bell – Love Wins
Riverwood Community Church
rice and bean challenge
New Brunswick Literacy