I was driving today and I saw a delivery truck for a local business. The slogan on the truck: Get Fresh With a Local. Mind you this is a brewery, but still the point is not lost on me.

Buying local means you’re buying freshness. Do you wonder how the grocery stores can maintain “fresh” fruit in the winter? I think most of us would rather not think about it. For me buying local means that I’m having an immediate impact on my local economy. My money is reinvested in the community.

I don’t go to my local farmer’s market nearly enough. That is a place where you know the produce is fresh and the items very local. It’s a terrific place to meet people, as the local politicians know very well.

Buying local means you are closer to the production process.  From the farmer’s field to your table doesn’t have to mean a world trip. I’m not complaining about cultural foods but trying to point out that knowing the people who produce your food is important.

For stuff like rice and coffee, it is very hard to buy directly from a rice or coffee farmer. So the next best thing is to find a Fair Trade supplier. In New Brunswick, Canada, this process is becoming more mainstream, especially with coffee. There is Jonnie Java Roasters on York St, Fredericton. In the grocery stores, the organic sections stock Just Us Coffee, based out of Kentville, Nova Scotia.

What things do you like to buy local?