Using Micah 6:8 as a starting point, The Justice Journey will challenge you to ACT justly, LOVE kindness and in so doing WALK humbly with God. This journey will involve practical ways to make changes in your life that move you forward, baby steps, to a life of justice. With personal anecdotes, the journey of others will inspire you to take your own justice journey. Organizations that are involved in bringing justice to the world will be spotlighted, giving practical ways you can help them in your own justice journey. All of this while learning the Biblical understanding of justice.

This is my elevator pitch for the Justice Journey. I would love to see a book published someday. An organization started to carry the work of justice.

I’m participating in Brooke McGlothlin’s Launch Day Giveaway to promote her new book Notes To Aspiring Writers (available July 19th). The challenge is to write an elevator pitch for your book concept. I learned about the book launch from Tony Alicea’s Expect the Exceptional.