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called for such a time as this

Esther was a ordinary Jewish girl, given an enormous task. She was chosen by her cousin to be part of the beauty pageant of a lifetime. The girls in this pageant had a year of beauty preparations to visit the king once. Only if he called the woman by name could she return to his presence. What pressure! And in all of this Esther became the queen.

On behalf of her cousin, Esther was called upon to inform the king of a plot against the king. This was recorded in the history books (See Esther 2). Later, she was  called to speak to the king on behalf of her people who were being plotted against, because of a personal gripe with her cousin. She invited the king to dinner with the conspirator. That night, the king was restless, couldn’t sleep so had the history books read. He then realized that Esther’s cousin had not been honoured for his service. The king made right the honour due. Esther’s previous words came back in time to change the situation.

At dinner with the king and conspirator, she spoke the truth of the danger against her people. This must have been scary, for many people have a hard time embracing conflict with a person present. But she spoke the truth. She did what she needed to do. She spoke up at a time when she could have been silent. Her words changed the world for her cousin and her people.

prophet to the nations

Jeremiah was a boy, or that was his excuse when he was told of the call of God that he was to be a prophet to the nations. But the Lord said “Do not say ‘I AM ONLY A BOY’ for you shall go to all whom I send you, and you shall speak whatever I command you” (See Jeremiah 1).

The rest of the writings of Jeremiah describe his speaking career, aided by God. He spoke to the nations despite his humble beginnings. His word came back to comfort Daniel after 70 years (see Daniel 9). His words spoke devastation to the nation and 70 years later spoke comfort to those who followed him.

ready to speak at a moment’s notice

Peter was a hot-headed disciple, doing inappropriate things at the wrong time, saying the wrong things at the right time, but he also learned to say the right things at the right time. He preached on the Day of Pentecost and thousands came to faith in Jesus. In his writings later, he encouraged his listeners to “always be ready to make a defence to anyone who demands from you of the hope that is in you” (see Peter 3).

you and me

I give these Scriptural anecdotes to encourage you that lives of ordinary means can communicate in ways the change world.

How are you preparing yourself to be ready, as Peter challenges?