Friends are a wonderful resource. A person can never have enough friends.

Last August I started the Justice Journey and starting plugging into the blogging community. One of the first blogging friendships that developed for me was with Mary Kathryn at Beauty for Ashes. She writes from the heart and has been so gracious and giving of herself. When I first started reading, I assumed that she had been writing and blogging for years. Little did I know that I found her blog a month or so after she got serious with blogging. July is her one year bloggiversary. She has taken the entire month to host a bloggiversary party and has invited friends to guest post on her site. Click here to see the other posts from her guests.

Following Mary Kathryn’s example, I started a Birthday Bucket list, which I keep up with updates very faithfully until sometime in the new year. It prepped me for resolutions for the new year. I haven’t been actively looking at the resolutions to see my progress. I have set aside my BIG resolution within the first month. The practicality of trying to take one picture a day for a year was ambitious, but I have kept the big picture of visioneering my photography in mind. I think I have kept the spirit of the resolution alive.

Well, I said all this to say, Mary Kathryn is my friend. I am very happy to be her friend and offer you to read my guest post in celebration of the bloggiversary. Happy bloggiversary, Mary Kathryn!!