While writing my comment at Grit and Glory by my friend Alece, I decided to listen to the songs in my iTunes library. One of the first songs that played was The First Time by U2, from the album, Zooropa.

The following lyric resonated with me:

I have a brother / When I’m a brother in need / I spend my whole time running / He spends his running after me

It resonated with me as I reflected on the content of Alece’s post which quotes an African proverb “I am because you are.” My comment mentions my best friend who challenged me to make my own solutions, rather than gripe about my troubles. Through thick and thin, he has been a friend for more years than half my life.

We have been housemates for seven years, have taken road trips to Cleveland, to see the Music Builds tour and Boston, to see U2. He introduced me to Red Robin, ymmm®!! (I feel they have the best burgers ever). He has been an inspiration to me, first by buying his first home, second for choosing to get engaged and move to another city to be with his fiancee. Congratulations are in order.

He is the closest I have have to a brother. You see, I am the only boy in my family, with two younger sisters. I enjoy the camaraderie we have developed over the shared experiences. I am a better person because he has been in my life.

What is something you and your best friend have done together?