Hi, to my three readers. Long time no chat.

I’ve been transitioning in a new role at work. This has been challenging as I learn a new position and manage a varied schedule. The two constants has been church and filling in on shifts from my old department.

My new position is called centre floater and once I am completely comfortable in it, I will be picking my shifts from 4 departments, two in a support role, two in sales. I haven’t done reservation sales in over two years, so I haven’t been pleasantly surprised that my shifts have been easier than I expected.

The toughest part of the transition is from a set schedule to a varied schedule. I know it’s about setting my own routine, finding my own groove. And that is also what I love about the change. It is challenging me to set my own routine and balance my life. My creativity depends on it.

My ability to minister to others depends on it. Early mornings, late nights require intentionality to avoid burnout. They require discipline (not that I lack discipline, but the discipline I have has been unfocused discipline).

I feel like a acrobat, with requests on my time coming from all directions. However, I am learning that being an acrobat takes discipline and practice. This comes by doing and learning to say no.

I look forward to seeing how the next few months transpire. My work-church-life balance will be in conflict. Learning to embrace the conflict will be key. Keeping my focus on the prize will be essential.

Keeping my relationship with Jesus has to be the number priority. Thank you for reading, even as I have been skimpy on writing this past month.

What are some ways you balance your life? What prayer needs do you have?