Today I am going talk about children in poverty. Really now? Why children in poverty? Well, poverty afflicts the majority of our world. And I am part of the rich Western world. I haven’t understood poverty serving the homeless in Fredericton. I haven’t understood poverty like the children who are part of Compassion International’s sponsorship program. I have seen poverty and wish I could do more to alleviate the poverty in this world.Meet Benjamin from Guatemala, who has been waiting for a sponsor for 188 days. Click his photo to get to know him more and to select him

The program is a church based program, where Compassion partners with local churches to bring benefits to their communities. Compassion sponsorship funds educational opportunities, health care and health related instruction and life-skills training.

Children in the program wait for sponsors to choose them. Being a sponsor means writing to the child you sponsor. It allows you a chance to get to know someone who understands poverty in ways you might not understand, save through the opportunity you take through child sponsorship.

And some children wait for more than six months or more. Check out Comapssion’s waiting children by clicking here (this is a link to the American site). If you want the Canadian version, click here.

Don’t feel obligated to choose a child through Compassion, because I highlighted Compassion. There are many sponsorship programs, like

Christian Children’s Fund of CanadaWorld VisionChild Care Plus to name a few off the top of my head.

Do you sponsor a child? If so, what was your criteria for choosing a child? Most needy or interest in country, other reason?

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