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I’m Douglas Mullin. I’m a photographer. I’m a writer. I’m a politician. Granted I’m not at the place in my development for any of these professions to say I’m making incomes from them. Photography is the furthest along the path.

But as a sense of identity, these are the professions I find my worth, my satisfaction. I am not the person who works in hospitality to pay the bills. I am not the person who has built a career in customer service, though I do see that I am a better person for working in hospitality and customer service.

My success in photography, writing or politics will come as I learn to help others. This I can see clearly. My success will be built, when those around me are successful. I see my role in life as one of encouragement of others to move forward, building their own lives.

Success will not be measured by income. Success will not be measured by fame. Success will be measured by the people I help, the people I serve.

Will you join me in this pursuit of success?