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I have been employed for Marriott Hotels for the last 6 years, in their Global Reservations Sales and Customer Care Centre, located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Last week I received a letter stating that my position and all positions in the centre are being eliminated effective mid-February.

This means I have 5 and a half months to find a new job. In my current job, I have worked formally in 2 separate departments, being trained and certified in the Ritz Carlton Gold Standard of Service; and learning the process of inventory management and wholesaler reservations, dealing with travel companies on behalf of a selection of Marriott hotels.

When asked to transition to a new role to help another associate, I rose to the challenge of becoming proficient in a third department, one of direct support to our sales agents, while striving to keep up on my previous knowledge and training. I knew I had succeeded when sales associates complimented me on my job, both in the doing and after I returned to my previous position.

During the past few years, I have also focused on my personal development. I have had an long-time interest in photography, which has resulted in the increased dreams of building my photography as a business. My manager at Marriott has encouraged me in this development. She trusted me to be the photographer for a charity event sponsored by the centre.

I have also been entrusted to be the photographer at work functions, like our annual year end party and taking the new hire portraits for our staff photo wall. My passion for photography has grown due to opportunity I have had because of the encouragement of my manager.

I seek an new job that utilizes my developed skills of lateral thinking, creativity and problem solving. I have compassion and empathy for my co-workers. I want to help them succeed. I seek a job that gives me the opportunity to support others in their success.

Do you know of jobs like I seek? Do you have job search techniques to share?