The Author

Douglas is a man of Christian Faith. His journey with Christ began in a classical Pentecostal church setting. He can barely recall a time in his life where church was not a priority. Growing up in a tee totalling home, he was encouraged to read and learn.

Upon feeling a call to the Mission field, he attended Bible College where he received his Bachelor of Theology, specializing in Missions. This provided him the opportunity to live in Nairobi, Kenya for a year. Through firsthand experience he learned how unjust the world can be. Since that time, Douglas has continued to learn about the world. With the Bachelor’s Degree he earned in Bible College, he spent time in Seoul as an English Teacher.

As he traveled and made new friends, his faith was challenged. Owing in part to his time in Seoul and in part to his continued friendship with an atheist, his outlook on life was greatly altered. Upon his departure of Seoul, he had determined that he was Christian by choice, not merely by birth.

At this point, he returned to his home province of New Brunswick Canada, where he found work as a Pentecostal pastor for a short time. After this, it was time to continue the learning process with a return to the world of paid study.

In university he completed a double major in Political Science and Human Rights. This introduced Douglas to the Fair Trade Movement. It is his firm belief that justice begins at home, even with your morning cup for coffee or tea. As an expression of faith, he has also become active in politics.

At this juncture of his life, Douglas finds comfort in the Anglican tradition of the Christian Faith. As he continues to learn and grow through life, he seeks to live simply and within his means.



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